About Us

Origin of Simplified PHYSICS:

During 2002 to 2009, (in FllT JEE / NARAYANA llT Academy etc) Er. Pankaj Kumar (The Director & Teacher of Simplified PHYSICS) has guide d thousands of students, preparing for llT JEEI NEET out of which several are Engineers and Doctor today. His popularity among students and his dissatisfaction with top management, led him to resign from the job and start an independent Physics platform known as Simplified PHYSICS (Since 2009).

Basic Philosophy of Simplified PHYSICS:

The motto underlying Simplified PHYSICS is :

Physics is simple, friendly and enjoyable if presented logically and systematically. We the team of Simplified PHYSICS, have strong faith in almighty God and the saying.

“Honesty is the best policy, so far as learning and teaching is concerned.”

Suggestion to students:

For making concepts of Physics strong and application-oriented one should try to understand the core concepts of Physics in practical approach 0Nhy? And How?) rather than theoretical / learning-oriented approach. Also bear in mind, “No pain, No gain” & nothing can replace honest hard work.

Prerequisites to Enjoy Physics at Simplified PHYSICS:

Almost no knowledge of Physics is a prerequisite. Each topic / concept is started from Zero level. Are captive and logical mind is needed to enjoy Physics at Simplified PHYSICS.

Unmatched Quality? Non Parallel Result In Physics, By Er. Pankaj Kumar, Ex-Fiitjee ? Ex-Narayana Teacher.

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