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During My Several Years as a Physics Teacher. (FllT JEE-2-Year, Narayana llT Academy-4.Year, Everonn’s Topper Tutorials 1-year & simplified Physics Since 2009), I have developed some what different and efficient methodology of presenting Physics to the students and boosting confidence. Simplified PHYSICS is that independent platform where I enjoy guiding students with this methodology logically and effectively, free from top Management.

My aim is to let the students know and understand the principles and equations of Physics and their application in Numerical / Entrance Questions / Real Life. At Simplified PHYSICS, I try to develop a Physics Culture:

Visualize / Analyze the situation/problem, make a strategy to invoke the correct principle/concept and work it out for unknown / result.

I shall be grateful to parents/teachers/students who point out some short comings and make other constructive suggestions.

May God bless everyone’s peace and success.        

Er. Pankaj Kumar.

The Teacher: Er. Pankaj Kumar

(Experience 18Years)

BE.(B.Tech)- Electrical Engineering-1999

1999 to 2001– Software Professional.

2002 to 2004- Worked in FllTJEE as physics Faculty (Job).

2004 to 2008- Narayana llT Academy, as Sr.Physics Teacher (Job).

2008 to 2009- Everonn’s Toppers Tutorial (Job).

2009 onward· Director & Teacher-Simplified PHYSICS (Self Employed).

Teaching Method

Er. Pankaj has made Physics Simple to understand through his logical/analytical explanation of each and every topic/step during his teaching. His examples/Stories from Daily life made understanding/visualization of concepts easy and hence one can apply this in the numerical/Conceptual Questions Board/Entrance Exam.

He understandsand follows:

“Physics Education is not learning of facts,
But the training of the mind to think”
••••••••Albert einstein

He does not hide any difficult topic/sub-topic/concept from student.rather he puts more stress on such topic/concepts, because he believe that:-

Honesty is the best policy so far as teaching & Learning is concerned.

Unmatched Quality? Non Parallel Result In Physics, By Er. Pankaj Kumar, Ex-Fiitjee ? Ex-Narayana Teacher.

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