Why Simplified Physics ?

The Teacher: Pankaj Sir’s unique method of Teaching Physics & his experience / hard work.

The Value System: Simplified PHYSICS value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever we decide, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are.

The Support System:  Interaction with parents & students to improve performance.

Test/Quiz: Every alternate week. Visualization of difficult concepts using video clip s(with projector).

Classes: Regular CBSE based classes & Entrance classes are separate.

Comprehensive Study Material: To help the students in practice.

The IDD: (Individual Doubt Discussion) helps a students to clear the doubts one to one.

The Quality: We never compromise on quality. Our penchant & pursuit is evident in our every activity, in all actions, at all times.

Video Clip: Backup for missed class in case a student face unavoidable problems to attend the class.

Enabling Infrastructure: We strongly believe n the fact that the environment a student studies is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper classroom and technology to keep them stress free.

Personalized Coaching: Individual attention is given to each and every student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. Our teacher is always willing to clear doubts of students even individual, if required. Students should come with their Doubt.


  • The Student have not to make choice of teacher but he/she has to adjust with the set of teachers provided by the management.
  • Very rare to find all three teachers (Physics,Chemistry, Maths /Biology)satisfactory as per individual tunning.
  • Generally, teacher change at any time during the session (due to management Problem/Adjustment of teacher/internal politics in management/leaving of teacher and joining other institute etc.) causes problem.
  • Less stress (coverage) on basic concept and more problem/numerical solving without a strong foundation.( Mind i t that 50question with strong basic concept is better than 500 question with weak basic concept)
  • Reshuffling of student from one batch to an o ther at any time during the course causes problem in adjustment with new teacher/batch.
  • Insufficient Doubt clearance for average students:-With weak basic concept any student who try to solve tricky numerical will be come full of confusion & doubt which is very difficult to be cleared.
  • Doubt clearing in big institute is generally avoided by busy teachers. It is always better to clear your doubts befor e starting new chapter.


  • Join by depositing minimum money of1st installment. In case of non-adjustability (due to any reason and performing poor in basics/schools) you may take U- turn to focus on basic concepts.
  • Join the weekend batch (Saturday & Sunday) in the big Institute.So that in case of one subject problem you may manage i t by joining subject – wise tuition in M-W-F (Monday/Wednesday/Friday).
Unmatched Quality? Non Parallel Result In Physics, By Er. Pankaj Kumar, Ex-Fiitjee ? Ex-Narayana Teacher.

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