(10 Months Course)

Option (A) CBSE (School-Based)  /   Option (B) CBSE with Entrance

Purpose:   To Make a strong foundation of Physics Understand ing and Application.

To Clear, Concepts thoroughly and Develop interest in Physics so as to score Higher  Marks.

To Guide Entrance Students separately (2hrs.Per Week-.July to Jan) to prepare and achieve their goal.


  • Revision Test / Full Syllabus test after completing Syllabus.
  • Entrance Oriented Students are guided to solve H.C.Verma’s Book & D.C. Pandey’s Book in Separate Special Classes.
  • Course Duration Approx. 9 months Classes 3 days a week & 1hrs.30min.Duration.
  • Reference Book N.C.R.T., H.C. Verma’s Book and Study material of Simplified PHYSICS. Visualization of difficult concepts using video clips (with Projector).
  • Motivation Class I Guidance to Write School / Entrance Exam and bear Stress.
  • Clearing Basic concepts to Develop interest in Physi
  • School-Based I Entrance Based Teaching Separately.
  • Back up class If needed to understand some concepts.
  • Chapter-wise Booklet / Workbook
  • Main Focus on NCERT / School
  • Our Booklet Consists of Practice Questions from NCERT Previous Years School Questions, HOT Sand Similar Questions that can be asked in school / CBSE Board
  • Almost all Questions (95%ormore} in XII Board Exam come from our Booklet’s Questions. (Data in the questions may be changed) Hence Booklet is self-sufficient for CBSE / BOARD
  • Every alternate week Test / Quiz
  • Doubts Discussions as & When required
  • We provide scholarship to poor & Deserving Students such that any student can get a fair chance to deal with such a logical subject
  • We provide a practical facility (Experiments)
  • We also provide Video Clip Back up for the missed class in case of an unavoidable problem.

Course Duration: April to10Jan (syllabus Completion) and then Revision I Test I Doubt up to Feb.


  1. Submit 100 RS with Registration Form.
  2. Attend the Trial cum-Orientation class.
  3. Appear in Admission Test.
  4. If Test is passed then take Admission as per FEE plan.

Unmatched Quality? Non Parallel Result In Physics, By Er. Pankaj Kumar, Ex-Fiitjee ? Ex-Narayana Teacher.

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